Monday, July 9, 2012

State Standards & Address Labels

Have you ever been on Pinterest and had that A-HA! moment? Well my A-HA! moment was when I saw this genius idea to put my State Standards on address labels!!

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The original poster uses this with her students but I think I will just keep it for me. I love this idea because as soon as I print off my lesson plan I can slap the corresponding standard to it and be in my merry way! I'm sure if I continue a standard from the day before I will just note that.
I think this is great because I can visually see the skills I've taught and still need to hit. It could also be a great pacing tool for some of you out there that may not have district pacing guides.

This is the last year my district will be following our own state standards - next year we will be completely implementing Common Core. I still see myself using this system even with Common Core next year.

When does your school plan on solely using Common Core?
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